OCTOBER 17- 21, 2022




Newark Tech Week (NTW) is the state’s largest multicultural city-wide tech convention. We provide startup techies, tech-adjacent professionals, and corporate techies a place to convene and educate on a new frontier. NTW was re-founded to allow space for diverse thought on emerging technologies, culture, and ingenuity within the tech industry. This convention is the nexus between BIPoC technological innovation and culture modernization on a monumental stage.

Where: Newark, NJ

When: October 17 – 21, 2022

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Kelly Outing

Kelly Velicia Outing is a Newark-born and bred social rights advocate. They were raised by parents with a long legacy in Newark, as social education activists. Their journey as a social rights advocate started at the ripe age of 16, marching with the likes of Reverand Al. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to the MLK monument in Washington D.C. While attending American History High School, Kelly helped lead a march on the City Hall steps to fight the defunding of their school and the marginalization of their fellow students. They continued their formative years under the mentorship of Newark’s first Black woman council president, Mildred. C. Crump, as an intern for 2 years. Kelly then attended Seton Hall University, where they studied Communications and Public Relations. In 2015, they made their first career shift, working on financial equity for entrepreneurs and small business owners as the community manager of =SPACE. There, they worked tirelessly to provide resources and opportunities for multicultural founders, LGBTQ+ ventures, and women-led startups. In 2017, they re-founded Newark Tech Week, alongside the founder of =SPACE, Citi Medina. And in 2021, became the co-creator of Newark Small Business Week.

Citi Medina

Medina is a Creative Strategist who has over 10 years of experience in Design & Strategy. Medina leads campaigns in an ever-immersive media world, driven by high-engaging multicultural millennial audiences. His passion for strategy and design led to the creation of MEDINA = CITI, a design collective, which delves into the worlds of Print Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Film Production, Photography, Ongoing/Contributing Marketing Strategies and Social Media campaigns. As an expert in entrepreneurship, design and strategy, Medina is a visiting professor at Rutgers University and has spoken at seminars and panels throughout the tri-state area. His TEDx Talk, Just a Boy From Brooklyn has been featured on numerous platforms, from SBA to Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition. Speaking to aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses and arming them with tools for success, Medina always finds a way to surge his community forward and create success for others. Medina has also crafted strategy intensives for business associations, like the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, NJIT, and the NJLGBT Chamber of Commerce.


The Schedule

October 17th
Tech Town Hall
Tech Town Hall

Newark is ready to progress and this Town Hall series is geared to showcase the city’s never ending potential. The Honorable Mayor Ras J. Baraka and some of Newark’s finest in the tech community will lead the discussion. Mayor Baraka is set to speak about the progression that technology has made in the city, along with a facilitated Q&A session regarding additional information about Newark’s tech advancements. We will also be highlighting booming startups in our startup alley. Where there will be demonstrations of new technologies being developed in Newark! Do not miss this experience!

October 19th
Women In Tech
Women In Tech

Newark Tech Week’s, WIT is the official #womenpower event for Newark Tech Week a city-wide initiative. It presents an opportunity for attendees to be introduced to the local talent that exists in Newark today, and gives Newark’s tech leaders a platform to discuss the initiatives they have developed to provide access to resources for individuals interested in entering or progressing in the field of technology.

Attendees will experience the dynamic world of tech through the lens of women creating change, disrupting industries, and launching a wave of startups. WIT is about collaborative conversations and resource sharing in an informal roundtable forum, everyone will have a seat at the table.

October 21st
Newark Tech Summit
Newark Tech Summit

Our Tech Summit is the close-out event for Newark Tech Week. It presents an opportunity for attendees to gain an interactive experience with brilliant leaders within the tech industry. Our summit is the perfect space for Audible to impact the Newark tech ecosystem. This summit brings in a large audience of multicultural techpreneurs and women-led tech ventures.

Formatted as our inaugural Ingenuity Fireside Chat, we will be bringing in powerful tech leaders across the US to the city of Newark.







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